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French Omelettes

Served with seasoned potatoes, applesauce, toast, fresh fruit and coffee.

dame-tartine-omelette-francaiseLa Jambonnette | 13.25$

ham, mushrooms, leek and cheddar cheese

La Potagère | 13.25$

grilled vegetables and cheddar cheese

La 3 fromages | 13.65$

cheddar, Emmental, mozzarella and sliced bacon

La Champignons | 13.65$

button mushrooms, portobello and cheddar cheese

La Hongroise | 13.65$

Hungarian salami, tomatoes, Emmental and paprika

La Biquette | 13.95$

sun dried tomates, goat cheese, mushrooms and onions

La Fée Carabosse | 13.95$

asparagus, Brie and fresh tomaotes

L'Océane | 14.75$

smoked salmon, onions, capers and cream cheese

La Confite | 13.65$

caramelized onions, Brie and baby spinach

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